Ammo & Reloading Overview

Ammo is a whole world of it's own. Each area of Cowboy Action Shooting uses it's own form of ammo - action shooters shoot lead, mounted shooters shoot wax, and re enactors shoot blanks.

SASS has specific requirements for ammunition for competition shooting. A few important things to keep in mind when buying or reloading your own ammo are:

•All ammunition used in smokeless categories must have not less than a power factor of 60 with velocity between 400 fps and 1000 fps for pistols, 400 fps and 1400 fps for rifles.
•Revolver and rifle ammunition must be all lead.

•Shotgun shot size must be number 4 birdshot or smaller, lead only.

The full set of requirements can be found in the Shooter's Handbook at the official SASS website.

Some Pardners reload. Kantankeres Tank uses Two Bit Tammy's Two Bit Bullets to reload with.

Gridlock McLeod uses Bone Orchard from Selway  Armory. They Have .38 Special and .45 Colt.