Safety Rules (First, Last, and Always)

Cowboy Action Shooting is a sport enjoyed by old and young alike. It's not uncommon to see whole families at the range - men, women AND kids too. However this sport, by nature, has the potential to be dangerous. So with this in mind, it is very important to be responsible for your own actions and to keep safety first. SASS takes safety very seriously, and these guidelines should become second nature to you if you plan to spend any time developing your interest in this sport.
Safety rules to live by:
1. All firearms will remain unloaded except while you are under the direct observation of a Range Officer.

2. All loading and unloading will be conducted only in the designated areas while under the observation of a Range Officer.

3. Long guns will have their actions open immediately at the conclusion of each shooting string and while being carried on the range, unless enclosed in a case or scabbard.

4. Handguns are to be kept holstered except when on the firing line, at the loading/unloading tables, in a safety area, or at the shooter's vehicle. Handguns will be re-holstered at the conclusion of the gun's immediate use unless the stage directions specify otherwise.

5. Eye and hearing protection MUST be worn by all competitors and spectators.

6. Cowboy Action Shooting matches are NOT fast-draw competitions. ANY unsafe gun-handling or fanning will result in a disqualification.

7. A dropped loaded gun will result in a match disqualification. A dropped unloaded gun will result in a stage disqualification. The shooter will not pick up a dropped gun. A Range Officer will recover the gun, examine it, clear it and return it to the shooter.

8. No shooter will have his / her finger on the trigger of any firearm until the firearm is pointed safely downrange.

9. Breaking a 170 arc relative to the firing line with the muzzle of a firearm will result in a disqualification. SWEEPING anyone AT ANY TIME with the muzzle of any firearm will result in disqualification.

10. An accidental discharge impacting within 10 feet of the shooter or in any direction deemed unsafe by the Range Officer will result in a disqualification.

11. Moving with a COCKED & LOADED firearm will result in a Stage DQ. (basketball "traveling" rules apply)

12. Dropped ammunition will be considered "dead" and cannot be picked up until the shooter is finished shooting the stage.

13. The use of drugs or alcohol will not be tolerated on this range.

14. Since there are kids (young and old) out here, please be careful around your surrounding, NO Horse play and or foul language will be allowed this will result in a disqualification.

The number one rule is to be safe and have fun!